This picture is far from good since I took it with my phone but after hubby does his magic with the camera I will post better pics on my website & Etsy shop.  I am having so much fun making these rings!! There's alot of tiny details and they are time  consuming to make for now, but I'm self-learning some different techniques and  once I get comfortable making these the time involved will go way down.  The stone in this ring is a stunning clear Cubic Zirconia that would rival many diamonds.

I am handcrafting, sculpting & cutting these rings using 960 Sterling Silver.  I am using a scalpel and my fingers to create the tiny balls.  In the next rings I am doing you will see tiny leaves & flowers that are all hand done without molds.

 I'm headed back to my studio for some more ring making!!   If you have a special request for ring size and stone please email me ( or contact me via Etsy.