The picture does not do justice to these gorgeous cabachons. I buy most of my cabachons from Lapidary artist that I know first hand who cut the stones themselves. Lapidary is an art within itself. Most Lapidary artist only cut stones to sell. Many jewelry artisans like myself take those gorgeous stones and turn them into pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. The advantages of knowing the Lapidary artist is I can trust the source of the stone and I can also request specific shapes and sizes of stones.

These gorgeous cabachons just arrived yesterday so it is time for Debbie to design something WOW around these stones.  The top 3 stones in the picture are Florida Fossil Coral that I am so excited about! The middle one I am thinking of using as the body of a Seahorse I sculpt from silver.  

The two middle stones are actually what is called Surfite. These are not natural gemstones but are recycled material from making surfboards. How cool is that!! I'm thinking of using the one on the left as the body of a sea turtle.  

The bottom stone is an Ammonite Fossil. Ammonite was actually a living creature thousands of years ago that became fossils. How amazing is that! I'm actually thinking maybe the body of a Seahorse as well.

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