It is so heartbreaking to see the devasation caused by both Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria.  Although the eye wall of Hurricane Irma went directly over where I live, my family and myself are safe and were among the lucky ones who got no damage.  In disasters like this some of the most vulnerable and innocent victims - pets & animals - are even more dependent on their humans to care for them.  To help with rescue and recovery efforts for these precious creatures and fur babies, I will donate 10% of all my Etsy Shop & Website sales - with a minimum individual sale donation being $10 -  through the end of this year.  I will also send a copy of the donatioin receipt to the buyer.  The organization I have chosen is BEST FRIENDS and if you would like more information on what they do for these angels go to  If you have another charity you would prefer to see the 10% go to, please let me know by adding a note to your order or emailing me at and I will be happy to send the money to that charity.   Hurricane season doesn't end till November 30th and there is more stuff out in the Atlantic.  Praying that those storms stay at sea.